Why Your Business Needs Custom Software Development

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Custom software development involves the process of identifying a problem that is happening in your organization and coming up with a solution that can reduce cost and improve your organization process. This process is ideal for any organization as it is tailored to your organization. Most of the time, organizations would purchase off-the-shelf software. Nothing wrong with it but sometime it may not be suited for your organization. Custom software options are usually targeting specific problems and are meant for in-house use.

A customized solution can be more efficient and adjustable to your needs. You may be put off at first due to the initial cost of developing the software however it will be recovered long term once the software is able to solve your ongoing problem and this simultaneously reduces your cost.

As we mentioned earlier, before coming up with the idea of developing software, you must first identify the problem that you are facing in your organization. At which department that you can potentially make it more efficient. A standard process that would take 20 steps may potentially reduce to 10 steps by using custom software. These are points in your assessment that you will need to identify.

Before you make a decision, we’ve listed five reasons why you should have custom software for your organization.

Custom software enables you to increase productivity. At the most time by having a custom software that has been thoroughly assessed and tested, you will most likely increase your productivity. The reason being is because what usually may take 20 steps or longer hours may potentially reduce to just minutes and minimal steps to execute a task. This will lead to an increase in productivity and convert into being self-efficient.

Targeted Solution
It is evidently a norm to witness organization choosing custom software rather than off-the-shelf software because it has the ability to tailor your request based on your needs and requirements. Most of the time off-the-shelf software may not meet your expectation due to each organization is unique itself. Each organization has its own sets of process and methods hence choosing a custom software is better suited for organizations.

Belongs To You, No One Else!
Off-the-shelf product may seem like an easier solution but you have to remember that its not yours. You’d still pay a monthly subscription fee. Investing your own custom software makes the ability for you or your organization to own not only the software but as well as its data. This makes it secure and private just for you and your organization. Moving forward to the future, owning a custom software for your organization adds value to your organization long term.

Easier to Scale
An off-the-shelf product makes it harder for you to scale as the product itself is not custom-built for your organization. As your organization grows so does your need. You will identify new elements or process that are either redundant are needs improvement. Custom-built software enables you to scale as it is based on your organization needs. As you scale, this reduces your cost of development as it merely just ads a new component to your current platform.

Reduce Cost
Reducing cost is a top priority for any organization. At the initial stage, you will need to invest a bit however long term, you will reduce cost and makes it far less expensive in comparison to paying monthly. As mentioned earlier, currently your organization may have 20 steps but through your assessment, you are able to reduce your process from 20 to 10 and this translate to reducing the cost of operations.

We are not urging all organization to have a custom-built software however there is a need for an organization to realize the need of one. Off the shelf, the software is good to have but as your grow, your process becomes unique and complex and most of the time you may want to automize the process with the objective to increase productivity and reduce the cost of operation.

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