Why Do You Need a Website for Your Business?

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As I look across from the balcony of my home I can see many shops and offices surrounding my area and wonder would business be the same in the next 10 – 20 years? The answer that most of us would get before COVID-19 happened is yes. After COVID-19 the answer is still yes but with a lot more uncertainty. Will business premises become smaller? bigger? Will we need to wear our face mask all the time when we are negotiating with our vendors or potential clients? These are scenarios that may or have already effected businesses throughout the world.

Years ago people may have a question on the reason why a business should have a website. Some still think that owning a website is pointless. I don’t blame them for thinking that way. Some business such as factories or manufacturing or construction may not need a website. However, this generalization does not apply for all. In certain markets or countries, you need a website because it delivers trust and confidence to the potential buyer and the buyer itself requires additional information before closing the deal or making the purchase.

Over the years, we have noticed many business owners and individuals are enquiring and purchasing new website. The reason being is because more and more people are online and the easiest way for customers to get information is by searching and visiting a business website. More and more people are seeing the value of being online. I am not talking from a business point of view but a consumer point of view. YES! They are many users who are hook on social media dancing their buts off but the younger consumers are relying heavily on information that they can retrieve online especially through a website.

The thought of a user applying for a job and knowing the fact that the business does not have a website makes the user feel less confidence towards the business. The value of owning a website has increased over the past 4 years. Back then website usage and consumption were becoming less due to the lack of knowledge and awareness regarding online presence.

Especially now during the time where most people are working from home, meeting physically is not safe and healthy as before, more and more people are turning their attention online to find information. Most meetings are being conducted online. Online tools are being pushed to its limits and website is the focal point for any user to consumer information.

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