Why businesses need a website, especially when there is a pandemic

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When we started, we designed and developed websites. In fact, it was accidental. I didn’t know how to code, and I was never interested. One of our clients who has been with us for many years has approached us and asked us to develop a corporate website for his company.

I built a very simple web site using wordpress. Got some themes. Made some changes to the look and feel. Things I didn’t know I learned by watching YouTube videos. In three weeks, the website was completed. The client was happy and that’s how we started providing website as a service.

There are many and I might say 40% of business owners around the world who may think that having a website is useless. Yes, I agree, but it depends on the type of business you are in.

I’ve got a friend who’s in construction. I suggested to him to have a website for his business. He brushed it right away saying it’s useless for my business. We’re in construction. We’re dealing with governments. They’re not gonna take a look at our website.

He’s right. In Malaysia, I believe and do not quote about this, but when you are in the construction industry and your client is the government, there’s no point in having a website because the client who is the government won’t want to check.

Yeah, I know. You might think there’s no harm in it. Actually, there’s no harm, if my friend had a website, he won’t do him any harm. Probably this would have given him more legitimacy and a professional look.

I have seen large multinationals and small medium-sized companies that are in the construction industry having their website as a platform for potential customers to evaluate their products and services.
After spending 6 years as a freelancer and 2 years as a CEO of a company, I want to share with you why business needs a website.

1. Attracting new customers

2020 was the year in which everyone was affected by the covid. Almost every country in the world was in lockdown. No one was allowed to go out. People had to work from home. Many businesses had to close shop. This has made businesses realize that they had to find ways to keep business running. If you have a website, there is a great chance to attract new clients. Websites are online pages that allow people to view business information, products and services.

2. Credibility You have to be realistic.

Today, people are looking for information. Assuming you’re looking for someone to build a website. You asked your friends and your friends suggest a company. Then you search online and you find that they do not have a website. It’s likely that you won’t do business with them. Word of mouth is a strong form of marketing channel. To have a website validates your credibility. You want to know about products and services and past works. Like I said, customers are always looking for information.

3. Digital Marketing

Today people are talking a lot about digital marketing. Their immediate response would be to use social media platforms such as facebook and twitter or instagram. Just to give you a scenario. You have invested time and money on Facebook to create content and gain likes. Provide daily content to your community. Your community wants to know more about your business. Where do they go? They’d probably want to go to a website first before they get in touch with you. The website is part of the digital marketing ecosystem.

4. Increase Search

You may not know that having a website helps you to be found on search engines. Its a no brainer that search engines encourages business or organizations to have a website. This would allow search engines to crawl through your website so that it would enable user to search and find easily. This isn’t easy. Having a website is not the determining factor to have your business bump onto the first page of search. Your website would need to be active as well as having users visiting your website. Slowly but surely your business will be visible at the top of the search page.

I have listed four reasons why you should have a website. While I write this to you, I can honestly say that the future is unpredictable. People work from home. Physical shops are closing down. Office space is getting smaller. People just need the Internet to start a business. I encourage those who are reading this to quickly create a website to book your place online. Your competition may have surpassed digitally, but it is not too late.

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