Why are online videos the best form of content

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Social media platforms has recently welcomed the trend of videos with open arms. Snapchat emerged in 2011 but has now gained popularity and recognition this past few years as a authentic video platform. Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp then followed suit with their respective versions of Story and Status and we haven’t even begin to explain the live broadcasting that is featured on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The growing stature of video has it projected to claim more than 80% of the web traffic by 2019 with 87% of online marketers using video in their digital marketing strategies. But still, why is it the best form of content?

It promotes brand recall.

Research by HubSpot states that 80% of customers remembers a video they’ve recently watched. One of the biggest strengths of videos would be that it visual and auditory which is much more easier to remember when compared to text-based content. Also, customers would have a tendency to share a video they enjoy, which could automatically expand reach.

2. Accessibility

The growth of online videos has seen a drastic change in recent years. Once upon a time we relied upon camcorders or handy-cams to record the moments, which then requires a memory card reader for the content to be uploaded to a laptop or desktop. Nowadays, miniature HD video cameras are embedded in almost every handheld or smartphone device, making videos much more accessible. Also, the availability of ultra-fast WiFi and stable mobile internet connections opens the door to instantaneous and quick video uploads which heightens the experience. With 2.5 billion smartphones in use in the world, the shift to mobile continues, and more people will be watching video on their handheld devices. Today, more than 50% of all video views occur on mobile devices, and smartphones are driving digital video views up 33% year over year.

3. Emergence of original Influencers

A recent study shows that 49% of consumers seek guidance from influencers, and it is projected the numbers would only increase. But who are they? Casey Neistat’s video startup BEME was acquired by CNN for $50 million in November. Luqmanpodolski & adibalexx are so original that our bellies tingles with laughter every time we come across their videos in Malaysia. DJ Khaled has 6 million followers on his Snapchat, and his recent Snapchat takeover of Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority’s account garnered 350,000 viewers.These are the storytellers who treat the digital space as their own video marketing playground. They are also much more influential than the traditional celebrities with a survey showing that the top 8/10 influencers around the globe happen to be these talented ‘normal’ people. Their success is a reminder to companies of all sizes of the power of storytelling and how the digital space has evolved.

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