What is SEO?

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If you are a businessman trying to breach the market of the digital space, you probably think your company needs SEO. But ask yourself, do you know anything about it? or is SEO even a right fit for your company?

Firstly, introducing search engines. It now plays a very important role in the digital space. Imagine you librarian for every book in the world, people would look for you to get every piece of information and answer to their riddles. That is exactly the case nowadays for Google, Bing and every other available search engine.

SEO on the other hand is the name given to the activity of improving the search engine rankings for people to find you. In other words, it is the practice of increasing quantity and quality to your website through organic search engine results. Did not quite get that part? Let us break it down for you:

Quality of traffic

You can attract visitors throughout the globe, but if they’re coming to your site because search engines tells them you’re a resource for Apple iPhones, when really you just sell iPhone covers, that is not quality traffic. What you’re looking for is to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in the products that you can offer.

2) Quantity of traffic

Once you have gained your quality traffic, that is when you start building the quantity. By getting more and more people clicking through, it will grow your websites stature in the search engine results pages (SERPs)

3) Organic results.

As your paid ads make up a significant portion of the growth of SERPs for your website, organic results is a much more difficult task. That is where the power of your content or backlinks comes to influence your website.

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