Throwback: Social Media Marketing

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We have trained, mentored, worked, partnered and consulted startups, small businesses and multinational companies. We execute our work with a priority to increase sales and business opportunity to our clients. As the digital trends continues to shift, so does ThreeClicks. It is vital that we keep up with the latest trends of digital marketing and technology service to stay ahead of our competitors.

When I used Facebook back in 2007, I remembered the dismissive looks my friends gave me. Facebook was new and at that time most people in South East Asia were still hyped up on MySpace and Friendster. Fast forward to the year 2017, close to 22 million Malaysians are hooked onto Facebook. A huge difference 10 years can make for us.

First came Facebook, then along the way Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat then all followed suit. I’m sharing these details now because not many people or businesses realizes the development of social media. For agencies who based out in South East Asia, you can count on us to share the details. We consider ourselves the very first digital agency in Malaysia. Even till today, you can see many traditional advertising or marketing companies still struggling in the transition towards digital, nor some are able to deliver solid results that can boost business and increase engagement.

To survive in this evolving digital era, it is very important to keep producing engaging content on your social media platforms. Let us share with you some basic pointers;

It used to be a simple action of snapping a picture then post. However that is not the case nowadays, and that is no longer acceptable to the public. The photo has to be amazingly beautiful. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to own a DSLR camera, though it would be recommended. You need to understand the art of photography, from the lighting and angle, highlighting moments and so on. It doesn’t just end there, then comes the tricky part of photo editing. Enter VSCO.cam, Photoshop or every other apps people use to enhance images.

2. Copywriting
Grammar is important. You have to make sure the message you relay gets across. The style of writing, your target market and the words you use is crazily important. Keep the words simple and understandable. Even we had a few incidents where we got into hot soup with clients for using wrong words and bad copywriting. Again, remember one mans meat is another man’s poison, so keep it simple and relatable.

3. Design
Designs are now an integral part of content. But by design, it doesn’t mean that it should integrate a million colours into the design. Just use a maximum of three colours, or if you sometimes have to, leave some empty spaces for writing. Also there would be a need to add text to the graphic, make sure it pops out, never let the background overshadow the text, because then again you are trying to get a message across. For brands and companies, also keep a space to fit in your corporate image or logo, it helps you represent your brand well.

These 3 pointers are vital when we focus on creating content. Follow them, and your content can never go wrong. There is more we would like to share, but you might just have to stick around to know. Also remember, make sure you engage with your users and monitor your data. These two elements are further things that would help you build a strong presence online and understand what your customers are looking for.

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