In the past, Wisdom Management Services, an insurance platform, relied on manual methods to analyze insurance options and find the best deals for their clients. Recognizing the need for efficiency, they partnered with Three Clicks to develop a digital solution for streamlining their operations.

The Pitch

Discouraged by previous attempts, Wisdom Management, an insurance platform, sought Three Clicks’ expertise to develop their digital platform. Three Clicks prioritizes understanding client needs and offers simple, functional solutions. After discussions and presentations, Wisdom Management chose Three Clicks for the project.

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The Problem

Previously, Wisdom Management relied on manual processes, leading them to seek out a developer. Unfortunately, the initial development attempt was unsuccessful.

The Idea

Wisdom Management sought a platform that could:

  1. Automate insurance product comparisons: This functionality would eliminate the need for manual analysis.
  2. Offer manual comparison capabilities: This provides flexibility for users who prefer manual review alongside automated results.
  3. Generate quotes: The platform should present these quotes in a clear format, displaying options from the cheapest to the most expensive.

The Solution

After carefully understanding Wisdom Management’s needs, Three Clicks developed a custom web-based platform to address their challenges. This user-friendly platform allows authorized users to securely log in via a dashboard and manage customer and insurance details. It fulfills Wisdom Management’s request by enabling both manual and automatic comparisons of insurance options, ultimately presenting results in a clear and organized manner.

The Results

Wisdom Management previously required 30 minutes to generate a single quote, but thanks to Three Clicks’ efficient system, it now takes less than 10 minutes. This significant improvement translates to serving triple the number of customers per hour, jumping from 2 to 6.

What made it work?

Success from the start: Clear client requirements, facilitated by weekly design-phase meetings, ensured a smooth development process. The client’s unwavering vision and commitment to avoiding mid-project feature additions minimized disruptions, allowing us to efficiently deliver on their needs. This collaborative approach, characterized by open communication and mutual trust, fostered an environment where we could explore creative solutions and deliver exceptional results.

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