Building a Platform: From Concept to Success

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At Three Clicks we’ve built over 50 platforms for clients worldwide. We’ve learned a lot along the way — some projects soared, while others offered valuable lessons. Here’s what we’ve discovered about building successful platforms.

Client Collaboration: Understanding Their Vision

Clients typically have a good idea of what they want. They explain their vision, and we listen carefully, ensuring we grasp every detail. This initial phase is crucial. Over the years, we’ve developed a knack for understanding the underlying business goals and revenue models behind a client’s proposed platform, even if they haven’t fully fleshed them out yet.

Let’s Break it Down: The Platform Building Process

Before diving into specifics, let’s explore the core stages of platform development:

1. Discovery: Uncovering Needs and Solutions

As mentioned earlier, the first step is listening intently to the client’s challenges and goals. It’s not always a straightforward A-to-B process. Clients might have a broader vision (A & B) but struggle to articulate it. That’s where we come in. Our expertise in both technology and business allows us to bridge the gap and propose innovative solutions that address their true needs. (Check out this article on effective listening during networking: [insert link here, but remove the actual link])

2. Design: Laying the Foundation

Once we understand the client’s vision, we move on to the design phase. Here, we present a range of design elements, including user flows, wireframes, graphic designs, and prototypes. For smaller projects, we might focus on key elements. However, for larger platforms, we cover the entire design spectrum. Skipping design is a recipe for trouble. It establishes the platform’s foundation, guiding user experience and managing client expectations. We don’t proceed to development until the design is finalized and approved.

3. Development: Bringing the Platform to Life

Development is no walk in the park (just ask any designer!). The choice of technology stack presents its own set of challenges. Our focus is on using efficient, sustainable code that’s easy for future developers to maintain and update.

4. Testing: Ensuring a Smooth Launch

Testing is non-negotiable. We’ve seen clients skip testing in a rush to launch, leading to ultimate failure. We’re not advocating for perfection before launch, but ensuring the core functionalities are working flawlessly. Testing helps identify areas for improvement and informs customer support strategies. It’s crucial, but don’t get stuck in an endless testing loop.

5. Maintenance: Keeping Your Platform Running Smoothly

Many clients underestimate the importance of ongoing maintenance. Imagine your car — it needs regular servicing to avoid breakdowns. Platforms are similar, especially apps. Regular updates, security checks, server maintenance — these are all essential.

This is the platform building process we follow at Three Clicks. We’ve honed it through years of experience working with diverse clients. We hope this breakdown helps you navigate your own platform development journey!

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Faisal. Head of Business for Three Clicks. I’m the driving force behind Two Companies: Three Clicks and Whip Technology. These are my creative spaces where I build products and cultivate businesses. Both ventures are established in Malaysia and Singapore. My journey has been a thrilling ride, collaborating with clients across diverse industries — finance, education, oil and gas, and more. Now, fueled by these business adventures, I’m pumped to share my experiences with fellow entrepreneurs and lend a helping hand to their journeys. 

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